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KYSO Flash Anthology 2016: State of the Art

I'm so excited about the latest anthology from KYSO Flash (that's Knock Your Socks Off Flash) publishing my story, "Marcus," in the excellent company of 143 other stories, poems and trans-genre pieces.  "Marcus" is a story that came out of a writing prompt, "crass," so be warned.... I enjoyed creating a narrator quite different from myself and finding some humor and poignancy [...]

Open Mic at Kaleidoscope Cafe

I went to Kaleidoscope Cafe in Point Richmond today to grade some papers.... and stumbled into an open mic! open mic at Kaleidoscope 7:30 on Thursdays So I read "Uprising," the prose poem that will soon appear in Writers Resist.  Fun to share some words and listen to some more, here among other writers. (Of course, if [...]

Prose poem accepted to Writers Resist!

Sea of Pink at Women's March. Photo by Brian Allen, Voice of America. Copied from I am so excited to see so many artists, writers, musicians, and others raising their creative voices to resist the frightening unfolding of the current Administration.   One of those expressions of resistance is -- and they just accepted a [...]