Interview with Clare MacQueen, Founder of KYSO Flash

//Interview with Clare MacQueen, Founder of KYSO Flash

Interview with Clare MacQueen, Founder of KYSO Flash

I enjoyed the picture of a life in writing and publishing that I get from this interview with Clare MacQueen on the excellent Writers N Readers II blog, founder, editor and publisher of KYSO Flash, who also works on Serving House Journal and a number of other publications.

Clare was the second person to publish my fiction, and has published three of my stories so far.  I was especially touched that she included Carnivores in her list (with this interview) of “50 favorite works whose titles and opening lines sparked my interest, and delivered on their promise of an excellent read.”  Her enthusiasm for my work is very encouraging to this eternally “emerging writer”!

I also benefited from her thoughts on how to set up your life as a mono-tasker.  I think I try to multitask way more than I should — juggling teaching, administrative responsibilities, writing and other pursuits.  I recently read Joan Frank‘s wonderful book of essays on the writing life, Because You Have To, and it underlined for me how much of writing is about clearing space to do it.  The interview with Clare also notes how challenging it can be to find time for one’s own work.

That’s it, isn’t it?  When I am writing more often, then worthwhile bits emerge more often.  More of that “rhythmic writing,” that “fiction and faction”  to use Clare’s phrases) that takes us to unexpected places.  I guess I read interviews like this and books like Joan Frank’s for that kick in the pants, and that reminder that I write in good company.


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