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“When I catch my breath up in my arms, so full of mourning, a caught in the throat breath, a too hard to let it all out at once breath, and I just try to make space for it, a cove, a crook of an elbow, a place to ease in and out, too fast and too constrained but [...]

January means beginning again

Back when I was in school, if I missed a due date it became almost impossible for me to write a paper, no matter how well-prepared I was.  Once I had a three-page outline with citations prepared for a five-page essay; yet once the paper was late, it seemed like it weighed a ton and I couldn’t lift it, [...]

Nonviolence and an Evolving Consciousness

Janey Skinner and Roxy Manning My friend Roxy Manning and I spend a lot of time talking about race, racism, power, and nonviolent struggle for social change.  We recently collaborated on an essay that touches on these themes. Roxy is a psychologist and a trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC).  This method, developed originally by Marshall Rosenberg and [...]