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Colombia protests meet repression, present and past

Mural in Cali, Colombia Since April 29, 2021, I have been watching from afar the enormous social uprising in Colombia that has taken over the streets, pushed the government to rescind certain taxes on the poor and the middle class, and given voice to a broad-based discontent with the status quo. I watch videos shot in Cali [...]


“When I catch my breath up in my arms, so full of mourning, a caught in the throat breath, a too hard to let it all out at once breath, and I just try to make space for it, a cove, a crook of an elbow, a place to ease in and out, too fast and too constrained but [...]

January means beginning again

Back when I was in school, if I missed a due date it became almost impossible for me to write a paper, no matter how well-prepared I was.  Once I had a three-page outline with citations prepared for a five-page essay; yet once the paper was late, it seemed like it weighed a ton and I couldn’t lift it, [...]