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Shut Up and Write! a meetup, a zine, a practice

I'm thrilled to learn that a piece I wrote, "The Road She Rode On," will be included in the very first Shut Up and Write Zine!  It will be published in early 2018 and there will be a reading in the San Francisco area that I hope to participate in. I'm especially thrilled because Shut Up and Write, a Meetup group [...]

Digging Through the Fat

I'm thrilled to be featured in the August Community page of the Digging Through the Fat, a  "web journal for cultural omnivores." On the Community page, Gessy Alvarez and Cynthia Alvarez at Digging Through the Fat provide links to previously published work by writers and poets they enjoy. There is so much published on the Internet, as everyone knows, [...]

Uprising – Writers Resist

So glad to see my poem "Uprising" published by Writers Resist!  It was inspired by the women's marches, the Golem, and centuries of resistance to authoritarianism. May the resistance continue! oh - and - subscribe to while you're at it.  Good stuff in your Inbox every week or two. Check out too -- the two sites are [...]