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Digging Through the Fat

I’m thrilled to be featured in the August Community page of the Digging Through the Fat, a  “web journal for cultural omnivores.”

On the Community page, Gessy Alvarez and Cynthia Alvarez at Digging Through the Fat provide links to previously published work by writers and poets they enjoy. There is so much published on the Internet, as everyone knows, and digging through to find the gems can be an effort.  I love that this publication lifts up some of those gems and holds them to the light.  “Child Soldiers” by J. M. Jackson is devastating yet lyrical in its violence and longing, and Andrea Rogers’ poem, “How to Tell a Man You Love Him When You Don’t,” apart from starting a certain Bonnie Raitt song going through my head, has striking imagery and a poignant refusal to feel.  I will enjoy exploring more of the writing linked to a Community I am so happy to be a part of!

The blog posts on the site, titled Cultural Omnivore, highlight whatever the Alvarezes are checking out that week — music, film, art, books, websites, etc.  As I write this, my head is nodding to the disco-tinged “Have Fun Tonight” song by Fischerspooner, a bittersweet paean to polyamory — music I wouldn’t know except for a link on the blog.  The Art link took me to “Rhythm and Power,” an art exhibit about salsa music in New York that I would totally go see, if I could be in New York before the end of November, to catch it.

Please do check out Digging Through the Fat, and while you’re there, stop by the Community and read these two flash pieces under my name, both originally published by KYSO Flash.


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